Apr 25,2014
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I have to go to school dressed as Peter Pan yay lets go terrorize some kids

Apr 25,2014
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you know what really gets my goat?

el chupacabra

Apr 25,2014
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I don’t want to get up so early I’m 100% too lazy

Apr 25,2014
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My mother says that I have to be gay or straight because if I like both genders ill be exposed to both the penis and the vagina and mire STIs.

i have to stick one form of genitalia because sex is clearly all that matters in the world

Apr 25,2014
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Do u ever explain something to someone, like the struggle queer ppl go thru and you put ur whole heart into it and u can’t believe there’s anyone on the planet that would oppose love because 2 people’s genitals match etc etc and the person ur pouring ur heart out to is just like ‘nah I still think its gross’ i just don’t understand how people live on this planet thinking less of other people because of something so trivial

Apr 25,2014
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Anonymous: not meaning to be rude, but that post about the holocaust. Im pretty sure they were just saying that before you say something hateful, consider how it would sound in a different circumstance, with different people. I dont think they were literally comparing anyone. sorry to bother

I’m not fucking hitler when I talk about being pissed off at straight people for treating me like shit

I’m not going to think of straight people as Jews and how wrong it would be to be pissed off at Jews for treating me like shit because shockingly !! Jews haven’t treated me like shit, and they havent done anything wrong.

its a shit comparison and its 1am I can’t explain how ridiculous this notion is
#holocaust mention #hitler #nazism

End me

Apr 25,2014
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On some level I miss being completely ignorant to the worlds problems like at least there was some illusion that the world was ok but nowadays there’s just always something there that screams this word is sick and twisted and impossible to escape

Apr 25,2014
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Anonymous: saw your earlier post and it made me a little irritated tbh. jews were used as scapegoat because they held high level positions such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, etc. and when ww1 happened the rest of the germans converged on them. white people are sometimes used as scapegoats as well and while i dont personally mind it but i can see why some people would feel attacked similar to how jews have been historically taken the blame for things not in their control.

there are no words for this don’t even talk to me there’s literally no similarities between the horrific oppression and treatment Jews went through and the way people say mean things about white people sometimes ohh the fucking HORROR these things are DEFINITELY on the same level ur vile

#holocaust mention #death #nazism

Apr 24,2014
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im gan tae bed

Apr 24,2014
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if some magic ass person was like hey, i see people are pretty shitty, would u prefer to become a rock? id be like. definitely. but then a human would probably pick me up and throw me at another person, because people are fuckin mean as shit. whats wrong with the world